de-code sets the environment in the limelight

Wood, the totally ecological material

Wood constitutes the leading star in the de-code creations. One of the friendliest - if not the friendliest, material towards human and environment, wood is used for the majority of product manufacturing of the company. On their part, international environmental organizations such as WWF, have claimed that wood is the most ecological material thanks to its properties and energy efficiency.

Sustainability & Recycling

Wood as material together with the manufactured wood products derive from areas where legal logging is permitted (sustainable forest management). This means that wood comes from forests where the trees are replanted more frequently than the ones that are cut. In this way, the protection and equilibration of the environment are accomplished due to the fact that during the production of this ecological material, the Co2 is captivated. Wood is a natural and renewable source of energy. Consequently, once they have completed their cycle of life, the de-code products are recycled without bearing at all the environment.


de-code products show zero Formaldehyde emissions. The company disposes all necessary authorized certifications that prove this.

Ecological dye varnishes

The phase of product dying is carried out with ecological varnishes without the use of solvents.